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“We've matched over 150,000 books to children across the world.”

Meena Tharmarajah
CEO of Huey Books
Huey Books co-founders Meena and Caroline
Huey the Bookbot

Huey quickly learns your child's interests and reading ability.

We'll ask some quick questions to tailor a reading list matched to your reader's interests and reading ability.
Winky Book

You'll get a tailored reading list with books your child will love.

By introducing your child to a range of books tailored to their interests, Huey can help expand vocabulary, increase reading comprehension, spark the imagination, reduce stress, and have a positive impact on academic success.
Love eyes

Huey empowers your child to select the books they like.

Huey lets children pick the books they like for themselves which can help build confidence and self-esteem, as they take ownership of their own reading choices and become active participants in their own learning.

Meet Huey.

Our award-winning team has created Huey the Bookbot to help find books a child really likes.

Huey for libraries

Children who enjoy reading are 6 times more likely to read above their age level.

Two kids immersed in childrens books by Dr. Seuss