Unlock a child's potential with books they really like.

5 assorted children's books

“Children who enjoy reading are 6 times more likely to read above their age level.”

Children need help to find books they love

Children are overwhelmed in the library and struggle to find books they enjoy. We need easier ways for them to find books they like - to foster a love of reading and contribute to their educational success.Huey for Libraries & Schools

Let Huey unlock a child’s potential

Huey is a web based chatbot that lets children pick books they like for themselves by asking friendly, visual questions - no book titles or authors required. Children build confidence and self-esteem as they take ownership of their own reading choices and become active participants in their own learning.Huey for families

Meet the team

Our award winning team has created Huey the bookbot to help find books a child really likes.Learn more about Huey Huey Books Team
McCallums Hill Public School

“Students who did not normally visit the library were coming in at lunchtime to use Huey and borrow books because it was fun.”

Georgia ConstaniSchool Principal, McCallums Hill Public School