The Huey Books team (previously Wriveted) is on a mission to get children addicted to reading, starting with books they love.

Huey is based in Australia and New Zealand. We're a small team obsessed with the idea of using a love of books to get children on the path to success in education and in life.

A nine-year old boy with a collection of his favourite kids' books
Nine year old with a collection of his favourite things.

But why do children need to enjoy reading?

The OECD has found that reading enjoyment is a more critical factor in a child's educational success than their socioeconomic background.

Reading for pleasure is beneficial to children in multiple ways, including text comprehension and grammar, breadth of vocabulary, general knowledge, a better understanding of other cultures, and a greater insight into human nature and decision-making.

Encouraging children to read is a complex art that involves the whole community - librarians, teachers and parents (at the very least). Huey Books believes that by making it easy and fun to choose from the overwhelming amount of books, children are more likely to quickly find a book they love, and then find a path to becoming a lifelong reader.

Enter Huey the Bookbot.

A Huey the Bookbot kiosk in a school library with an assortment of children's books
Huey has seen a 42% increase in student borrowing in school libraries.

Who is Huey the Bookbot?

The team behind Huey Books has been experimenting with conversational interfaces, machine learning, hardware and book labelling to create a 'bookbot' that makes it fun for children to find books they love.

The friendly and fun web-based, chatbot interface is designed to be a simple and engaging way for children to discover books for themselves. Behind the scenes, the book recommendation engine maps reading ability and interests.

Regardless of a child's exposure to books, or understanding of existing book categories, their tastes and interests can be quickly determined and then matched to books they will enjoy.

Talk to Huey now to find books for a child.

Meet our Team

Meena Tharmarajah, CEOMeena Tharmarajah, CEO
UX designer, retired rollercoaster operator and expert in trustworthy machine learning. Makes a mean salted caramel ice cream. Read the entire fairytale section at the library.
The children's book 'The Wolf Wilder
Meena's Favourite Children's Book:
The Wolf Wilder, Katherine Rundell (2015)

Brian Thorne, CTOBrian Thorne, Chief Technology Officer
Technophobe meets cyberpunk wannabe. Mountain-dweller. Tries to not look mad whilst talking to his computer. Puts on the worst voices, whilst reading bedtime stories to his two kids.
The children's book 'The Famous Five'
Brian's Favourite Children's Book:
The Famous Five, Enid Blyton (1942)

Joshua Landy, Software EngineerJoshua Landy, Full Stack Software Engineer
A software engineer with an addiction to crime stories, tennis, and spoiling his Italian Greyhound. Still doesn't have his pen licence.
The children's book 'The Bad Beginning'
Joshua's Favourite Children's Book:
The Bad Beginning, Lemony Snicket (1999)

Denis Khoshaba, Dev-Ops EngineerDenis Khoshaba, DevOps Engineer
Struggling jazz musician and science whiz. Read his brother's (inappropriate) hand me down books as a kid.
The children's book 'Aesop's Fables'
Denis' Favourite Children's Book:
Aesop's Fables (4th century BCE)